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This Makes Me Happy

Happiest. Cereal. Ever.


A few other things that made me happy recently:

The Pomodoro Technique has utterly changed the way I work. I discovered it last week, thanks to fellow Boston Mamas contributor Miriam, and it has revolutionized how I spend my day. Try it. You’ll love it.

If you’re local (Boston area) and you’re celebrating something special (or happen to have extra cash lying around), get yourself to Market. On the advice of a friend, Dave and I went there to celebrate our twelfth anniversary and OHMYGOD was it amazing. Best meal I’ve ever had in Boston, and we’ve had some damn good meals.

We’re paying dearly for our early spring 80-degree days and, sadly, my feet are showing it. There is nothing better than this and a pair of socks to make ’em baby soft again.

I can’t wait to make one of these pretty bracelets.

And finally, this lovely lady — the one I lovingly refer to as My Dream Sherpa (or, the one who’s nearly as passionate about my dreams as I am) — has recently achieved a dream of her own by getting her first book deal (along with writing partner Asha Dornfest). ┬áIf the book is anything like her it’s going to be brilliant. Watch for it next spring.

Have a lovely weekend!

Image credit: Quaker Whole Hearts shot by Paige Lewin


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